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Apr/May 09
Area Development May/Jun 16 Cover
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Environmental Issues Not As Important To Site Selectors

Jenny R. Massey, Senior Project Manager, Bingham Economic Development Advisors (Apr/May 09)
With the downturn of the economy and uncertainty about the future, companies have gone into survival mode, focusing on cost savings instead of environmental concerns. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Transit-Oriented Development As Economic Stimulus

Richard K. Greene, Senior Associate, Investment Consulting Associates (Apr/May 09)
Developments near public transportation hubs attract quality workers and provide opportunities for public-private partnerships. More
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Factoring Energy into a Location Decision

Darin Buelow, Principal, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte (Apr/May 09)
The current economic slowdown presents an opportunity for companies to assess energy costs and reliability at their present location. More
Site Selection >>

Information and Communications Technologies: Taking It to the Country

Craig Guillot (Apr/May 09)
Rural communities are leveraging advanced information and communications technologies to compete with major metropolitan areas for new investment. More
Site Selection >>

Location Strategy Decision Chain

Lawrence Moretti, Principal, LFM Corporate Location Solutions (Apr/May 09)
The role of the key groups involved in location selection - and how and when they fit into the decision - must be established early in the process. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

How Green Is Your Site's Energy?

Mark Crawford, Contributing Editor,  (Apr/May 09)
Alternative Energy is part of today's - and tomorrow's - location decision. More
Biotech / Life Sciences >>

Bioscience Companies Showing Signs of Strength and Making New Investments

Lisa A. Bastian (Apr/May 09)
Although the financial crisis has battered many bio firms, there are still signs of strength and new investments on the horizon to sustain this sector's vitality. More
California >>

Location California 2009: California's Green Advantage

Jennifer LeClaire  (Apr/May 09)
California has paid the price for its eco-friendly initiatives, but those investments could pay off for companies there as the government mandates green building, manufacturing, and more. More
Site Selection >>

Advantages of Natural Light in Manufacturing Facilities

Dan Calabrese (Apr/May 09)
Already popular in offices and retail, natural lighting is now gaining recognition for its benefits in manufacturing settings. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Outlook for Industrial Companies: Better Luck in 2010

John Bell (Apr/May 09)
Experts predict a rough 2009 for industrial companies, but several see signs that the turnaround may start in 2010. More
Texas >>

Texas Today: Economic Development Strategies and Business Success Stories

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Apr/May 09)
The Lone Star State is still the top U.S. location for business, with an economy that's flourishing in spite of the global recession. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Going Green With Wind Power

Richard J. Maturi (Apr/May 09)
More companies and organizations are finding that wind power makes sense for their energy needs.. More
Site Selection >>

Smaller Towns Teaming Up Through Regional Economic Development Partnerships

Mark Crawford, Contributing Editor,  (Apr/May 09)
More second- and third-tier markets, both rural and suburban, are combining their economic development resources. More
Florida >>

Florida: Meeting Challenges Through Non-Traditional Sector Growth

Lisa A. Bastian (Apr/May 09)
Much of Florida's economic development activity is centered around Orlando, andt exports continue to be important. More
Mississippi >>

Mississippi: Persistence Pays in Pursuing Diverse Investment

Susan Avery (Apr/May 09)
Proactive planning is at the heart of Mississippi's strategy to attract new business and retain key corporate partnerships. More
Illinois >>

Illinois: Traditional and Green Manufacturing Help Prepare for the Turnaround

Susan Avery (Apr/May 09)
Alternative energy investments are part of Illinois' long-term plans for economic recovery and new jobs. More
West Virginia >>

West Virginia: Technology-Related Sectors Represent New Economic Focus

Susan Avery (Apr/May 09)
West Virginia is making a concerted effort to reposition itself as a location destination for high-tech industries. More
Virginia >>

Virginia: Diverse Industries Plus Foreign Investment Equal Resilient Economy

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Apr/May 09)
Industries such as defense, logistics, alternative energy, and high-tech give Virginia leverage against the recession. More
Michigan >>

Michigan: Life Sciences and Technology Elevating Auto-Devastated Economy

Lisa A. Bastian (Apr/May 09)
The auto downturn notwithstanding, Michigan continues to attract investment from multiple sectors. More
Louisiana >>

Louisiana: Traditional and Knowledge-Based Industries Offer a Secure Future

Lisa A. Bastian (Apr/May 09)
Louisiana has seen lower unemployment and higher job growth than the South and U.S. as a whole. More
Viewpoint >>

In Focus: What Color Is Your Lease? "Green" Leases for Business

Craig Henderson, Attorney, Goodman & Associates (Apr/May 09)
"Green" leases give tenants and landlords the opportunity to incorporate energy efficiency goals into rental agreements. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

April/May 2009 Editors Note: A "Green" Plan for Growth

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Apr/May 09)
Investments in renewable resources are to be the stimulus the U.S. economy needs to get back on a growth track. More
Viewpoint >>

First Person: Rick Doornbos, Hemlock Semiconductor Group

Rick Doornbos, Hemlock Semiconductor Group (Apr/May 09)
Rick Doornbos, President & CEO of Hemlock Semiconductor Group, shares his insights on high-tech manufacturing and site selection. More
Workforce Training / Education >>

Layoffs Without Lawsuits: Avoiding Litigation When Terminating Employees

Phillip M. Perry (Apr/May 09)
Managers who approach their employees carefully in the wake of economic job eliminations may avoid legal problems later. More
Automotive >>

Automotive Industry: Better Days Ahead?

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Apr/May 09)
As U.S. automakers actively restructure their companies, expect, and be ready for, an automotive rebound in the months ahead. More
Workforce Training / Education >>

How to Help Laid-Off Employees Transition Out of Your Company

Phillip M. Perry (Apr/May 09)
There are specific and strategic words and actions that managers can take to help reduce the pain of layoffs for everyone involved. More
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