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How to Find - and Keep - Skilled Workers

With skilled manufacturing workers in short supply, companies must be creative in attracting them and also need to start retention efforts from day one.

Feb/Mar 07
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Look At It From the Applicant's View
Finally, remember that the first round of hiring done by your company will, good or bad, establish its reputation in the community for years to come. Even applicants that are rejected should leave with a respectable opinion of your firm.

"Look closely at your process from the applicant's view. If people apply, do they get a letter or a postcard or are they just left wondering if they're going to get the job? Look at how applicants are treated as they come in. Make it feel like this is a great place to work even in the reception area and throughout the entire process," Kelly says. Even the greatest marketing campaign will fall flat if applicants don't feel welcome - even if they're just picking up an application.

Finally, here are Kelly's sure-fire ways to make employees leave on the first day:
• Don't have a work area ready.
• Let new employees figure out lunch arrangements on their own. Make sure new employees aren't included in the lunch plans of veteran employees.
• Start new employees on a day that the supervisor is on vacation.
• Let new employees stand around feeling foolish for hours at a time.
• Sit the employee in a room to read manuals and complete paperwork for hours on the first day of the job.

Remember - this is what NOT to do if you want to keep the workers who are already in short supply!

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