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Seven Leading Concerns for Corporate Real Estate Executives

In interviews with corporate real estate (CRE) executives, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) finds that recovery's slow pace is weighing on business, particularly on the CRE side. Today, CRE leaders don't just locate a company's next site; they have responsibility for a large part of a business's financial future. JLL identifies the top seven concerns for CRE executives. Area Development considers these factors with respect to its own publications.


1. Worker Mobility (1/8)

JLL Says:
The virtual workplace is becoming commonplace with an ever-evolving menu of laptops, cell phones, and PDAs. CRE professionals are cutting costs and maximizing productivity by working with employees' flexible schedules.

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Next: Sustainability

2. Sustainability (2/8)

JLL Says:
Energy and sustainability have become top CRE concerns in recent years. CRE executives are increasingly implementing workplace strategy to cut carbon emissions - and costs.

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Next: Occupancy Planning

3. Occupancy Planning (3/8)

JLL Says:
As the size of business departments fluctuates, companies must determine how to eliminate "dark space" - vacant or underutilized areas - and use existing space more effectively.

AD Resources:
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Next: Flexibility

4. Flexibility (4/8)

JLL Says:
The business world is unpredictable, especially in today's volatile market, making it even more important for CRE divisions to prioritize flexibility. That may mean shorter leases, expansion/contraction options, and adjustable facility layouts.

AD Resources:
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Next: Accessing the Right Labor

5. Accessing the Right Labor (5/8)

JLL Says:
Despite high unemployment rates, companies are still competing for the best workers. Forming location strategies based on labor requirements can help narrow the list of site options.

AD Resources:
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Next: Capital Planning

6. Capital Planning (6/8)

JLL Says:
Although budgets may be tight, a company must always account for maintenance, repair, and renovation to ensure safety and employee comfort. With Life-Cycle Asset Management Tools, CRE executives can plan for these expenses.

AD Resources:
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Next: Lease Accounting

7. Lease Accounting(7/8)

JLL Says:
In the near future, changes in leasing structure will turn operating leases into capital leases. That will change how CRE professionals administer and report leases. Executives must take care to implement analysis and lease administration systems to meet new requirements.

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