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36th Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Supply Chain Factors Take on Added Significance

The major supply chain disruptions experienced in 2021 are reflected in the survey results.

Q1 2022
The results of Area Development’s 36th Annual Consultant’s Survey were released this month and point to some interesting trends in site selection. It comes as no surprise labor costs and availability of skilled labor top the list of site selection factors. All types of businesses are feeling the impact of low unemployment rates and a depleted workforce. Companies are struggling to hire and retain employees across the US.

It is interesting to note inbound/outbound shipping costs shot up to #4 in the 2021 ranking from #10 in the 2020 ranking. This emphasizes the strain rising costs are having on businesses and, in turn, site locations decisions. Raw materials availability also shot up in the rankings, from #21 in 2020 to #6 in 2021. Much of this can likely be attributed to the major supply chain disruptions experienced in 2021.

State and local Incentives remained in the top 10 again, moving from #9 to #8. As companies make site location decisions, they are still keenly aware of incentive opportunities and searching for state and local municipalities that will act as partners in their business locations decisions.

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