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Plastics Industry Flourishes in Response to Market Demand

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2018)

With U.S. natural gas costs being so low, the U.S. plastics industry continues to grow, while keeping an eye out for supply chain challenges brought about by changes in trade policy. More

The R&D Tax Credit — A Game-Changer for Manufacturers

Dean Zerbe, National Managing Director, alliantgroup (Q2 2016)

Recent legislation making the R&D tax credit permanent is a big boon to manufacturers of all sizes, helping them to innovate and expand. More

Advancing Manufacturing Through Public/Private Collaboration

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2016)

Mike Molnar, Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, based at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, describes what’s being done to maintain U.S. leadership in this arena. More

Location Notebook: Union County, SC, Moves Forward

Area Development Research Desk on behalf of the Union County Development Board (Q3 2015)

Union County, South Carolina, has pieced together a diverse economy from its historical textile roots. More

Shale Gas Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing Industry…While Environmentalists Have Their Say

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Directory 2015)

Although some states are rolling back or banning fracking due to potential environmental impact, overall, U.S. shale gas development and production is surging and helping to trigger a resurgence in manufacturing. More

Advanced Technology and the Changing Face of U.S. Manufacturing

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2014)

U.S. manufacturers are investing in advanced equipment, automation, and robotics in order to drive down the cost of production and compete in the global economy. The net result has the potential to transform our industrial base. More

The Role of Labor in Advanced Manufacturing

Brad Lindquist, Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank (Advanced Industries 2014)

Advanced manufacturing will continue to be reliant upon human interaction for the application and management of technology. More

The Production and Corporate Headquarters Connection

John Minervini, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc. and Andy Mace, Managing Director, Global Business Consulting , Cushman & Wakefield Business Consulting  (Q2 2014)

In many key sectors, the initial alignment of corporate and production operations has shaped regions and influenced the industrial landscape in a very permanent way. More

The Southland Delivers a Solid Economic Performance

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2014)

The southern states have embraced the transition from traditional to knowledge-based economies and work hard to attract new projects and the high-paying jobs that come with them. More

Manufacturing in America: Bigger, Better and Bolder

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2014)

American manufacturing is on the upswing, with advances in innovation and productivity buoyed by decreased energy and transportation costs, and new efforts to increase work force skills. More

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Allows for Creativity & Reduces Shipping Costs

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)

The automotive industry, in particular, has been taking advantage of metal-to-plastic conversion for years to meet stricter federal guidelines for improved fuel efficiency by 2025. More

First Person: Putting U.S. Manufacturing Front and Center

Scott N. Paul, President, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)

Scott N. Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, discusses how government policy supports U.S. manufacturing growth, the perceived “skills gap” and mainstream media’s recent focus on U.S. manufacturing. More

New Technologies Transforming Manufacturing, Changing Competition

Area Development Research Desk (Directory 2014)

According to a recent paper from the Deloitte University Press entitled “The Transformation of Manufacturing,” advanced materials, new production technologies, and digital techniques are allowing manufacturers to remain competitive despite numerous challenges. More

Louisiana: Climbing the Economic and Business Climate Charts

Craig Guillot, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 / Fall 2013)

State sources report that Louisiana’s economy held strong during the recession, and that during the past five years, its GDP growth was about 50 percent faster than the national average. More

Additive Manufacturing Becomes National Technology Focus

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 / Fall 2013)

While 3D printing started out more than two decades ago being a means for producing primarily prototype parts, the use of AM technologies in both polymers and powdered metals, for direct production of end-use parts, continues to grow. More

Special Investment Report: Ohio

Dave Claborn , Staff Editor, Area Development; Director of Development and Community Relations, Ohio State University, Marion (Q3 / Summer 2013)

Sixty percent of the U.S. and Canadian population lies within a day’s drive, making Ohio an ideal location for manufacturing — machinery, automobiles, plastics, appliances, and steel, among others. More

First Person: A Frank Discussion on 3D Printing's Evolution and Future

David Cox, President/CEO, Purple Platypus (Q3 / Summer 2013)

Recently, we spoke with David Cox, president/CEO of Purple Platypus, a 3D printing technologies seller, and Purple Porcupine, a service bureau with 12 machines that print 3D parts for a variety of customers and markets. 3D printing hasn’t exactly been an overnight success, after 25 years, the industry is finally getting the attention it deserves — some good, some bad. More

First Person: How One Regional Supplier is Investing to Meet the Demands of Reshoring OEM Customers

Noel Ginsburg, CEO & President, Intertech Plastics (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Area Development speaks with Noel Ginsburg, CEO and President of Intertech Plastics, about the reshoring trend, why OEMs are returning to the U.S. to manufacture their goods, and the impact that’s having on his business. More

The States Leading the U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)

Exhibiting know-how and innovation, U.S. manufacturers are adding to their payrolls and economic growth across the nation. We have identified 19 states where manufacturing is leading the way... More

Regional Supply Chains: A Win for OEMs and Their Locations

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)

Regional sourcing is helping manufacturers save time and money; with that in mind, savvy suppliers are moving closer to the end users of their products. More

First Person: AMT President Calls for Permanent Manufacturing R&D and Innovation Incentives

Doug Woods, President, The Association For Manufacturing Technology (Fall 2012)

As manufacturing powers our economic recovery, Area Development and AMT President, Doug Woods, discuss how to continue building sustained U.S manufacturing strength and job creation. More

New Natural Gas Technologies Firing Up Manufacturing

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Fall 2012)

The natural gas boom is a "game-changer" sparking a "manufacturing renaissance." More

Market Report: Plastics Industry to Follow Manufacturing's Growth Trend

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (April 2012)

Plastics categories are often interconnected with other industry clusters. More

Defense Cutbacks Lead to Novel Industrial Parks

John K. Borchardt (Winter 2012)

From coast to coast, U.S. Navy shipyards have been converted into industrial parks with facilities occupied by small, medium, and large companies employing from fewer than a dozen people up to several hundred. More

Hot United States FDI Sectors: Advanced Manufacturing

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Location USA 2012)

Foreign companies are finding plenty of opportunities to invest in manufacturing across the country, including steel fabrication, advanced materials, information systems, semiconductors and electronics, alternative energy, chemicals and plastics, heavy equipment, appliances, and rubber products. More

Industry Clusters: Importance of Place still Relevant to Business Success

Hal Johnson, President and CEO, Upstate SC Alliance (November 2011)

Although industry clustering may not be the economic development "Holy Grail", an effective clustering strategy is still a proven recipe for success More

The Baldrige Process: World Standard in Manufacturing Quality Improvement - But Still Relevant?

Dave Claborn , Staff Editor, Area Development; Director of Development and Community Relations, Ohio State University, Marion (Spring 2011)

Baldrige is a pathway that leads to improved innovation - the very thing American industry needs in a global market of low-cost competitors. More

Market Report: Plastics Focuses on Diversification to Thrive

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (March 2011)

The plastics industry is focusing on diversifying the industries it serves - and the locations it selects - to grow. More

Plastics Industry Thrives Despite Automotive, Appliance Troubles

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (June/July 10)

With its ability to cater to different sectors, the outlook for plastics is bright despite storm clouds over automotives and other industries. More

Southern Exposure Equals High-Tech Innovation

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Southern Tech Sites 2009)

This in-depth look at 14 southern states shows how technology is sparking development in a variety of industries. More

Plastics: Relying on Innovation to Ride Out the Recession

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (June/July 09)

The collapse of the auto industry has hit the plastics industry hard. But new medical products and greener plastics are keeping the industry moving forward. More

Plastics: The Bioresin Revolution

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Jun/Jul 08)

There are many ways that plastics can offer true "green" alternatives in a variety of applications. And the industry is working overtime to keep the products coming. More

Plastics and Packaging Prosper

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Jun/Jul 07)

This growing sector continues to thrive by adapting to the needs of customers and responding to environmental concerns. More

Plastics Industry Bounces Back

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Jun/Jul 06)

Opportunities are growing as U.S. plastics manufacturers stay ahead of global competition with new processes and innovations. More

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