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Q2 2014
Cover Story
Leading Metro Locations >>

Leading Locations for 2014: U.S. Metros Ranked for Economic and Job Growth

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
Area Development analyzes economic and workforce data for 379 MSAs, producing a snapshot of the cities across America that are poised to capitalize on the new potential for economic growth as the United States leaves the recession behind. A diversified economic base tops the most desirable traits. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

The Regional Impact of Quality of Life on Entrepreneurial Decisions

Dan White, Director, Government Consulting and Fiscal Policy Research, Moody's Analytics (Q2 2014)
One of the most often cited reasons for the location of a new business is quality of life, yet it is one of the areas policymakers most often overlook. More
Food Processing >>

Market Report: Food Processing Companies Grow at a Steady Pace

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
While some processors are closing plants to eliminate redundancies, others are expanding to be in closer proximity to customers. More
Site Selection >>

Quality, Speed, and Value Drive the Site Selection Process

Erik Dunnigan, Vice President - Business Development, Bristol Group, Inc. (Q2 2014)
A combination of design-build and precast building systems is helping to deliver high-performance facilities within shorter timeframes and at lower cost. More
Automotive >>

Transportation Equipment: A Key Economic Driver

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
Growth in the automotive, aerospace, and other transportation related manufacturing industries is rolling along at a steady pace. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Why the C-Suite Should Focus on Incentives

Rebecca Truelove, Business Incentives Partner, Ernst & Young (Q2 2014)
As governments at all levels increase their use of incentives, companies must figure out how to best capitalize on these offerings to increase their competitive advantage. More
Site Selection >>

How Companies Can Get the Utility Packages They Need

Cory Wendt, Principal, Baker Tilly  (Q2 2014)
Energy availability is a vital factor in any site selection process. Making an energy decision is more than just cost per kilowatt-hour — a well-designed utility plan should also take into account grid capacity, rate structure, service/distribution, and related utilities, such as wastewater treatment. More
Sustainable Development >>

Developing a Sustainable Facility

Daniel Hartsig, Manager of New Construction – Sustainability Services, Transwestern (Q2 2014)
From using locally sourced materials during construction to utilizing renewable energy sources to distributing products by rail, each company is embarking on its unique path to sustainability. More
Corporate HQ / Office >>

The Production and Corporate Headquarters Connection

John Minervini, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc. (Q2 2014)
In many key sectors, the initial alignment of corporate and production operations has shaped regions and influenced the industrial landscape in a very permanent way. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Looking Beyond the Numbers When Assessing a Community

Dean J. Uminski, CEcD, Partner, Crowe Horwath (Q2 2014)
Those charged with the location decision should look for tangible evidence that the communities they are considering are taking an integrated approach to community development. More
Special Report
Annual Econdev Awards >>

2014 Gold Shovel Awards: Excellence in State Job Creation and Economic Development Efforts

Area Development Special Presentation (Q2 2014)
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize individual states for their economic development prowess. We honor 20 states for their achievements in 2013 in garnering company investment and job creation. More
Investment Report
Texas >>

Texas Today 2014: A Magnet for Job Growth

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
Low taxes, smart regulation, and skilled workers - not to mention probusiness incentives — are among the reasons Texas is continuing to build on its huge and diverse economy. More
Front Line
Manufacturing / Industrial >>

Frontline: Micro Factories of the Future

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
Today everything seems to be “micro-sizing,” including manufacturing. With companies scrutinizing all expenses — including the cost of factory floor square footage, equipment, and energy, some executives are finding that micro production might offer advantages. More
Economy / Market Analysis >>

Editor’s Note: Which Locations Are Leading in Economic Growth and Job Creation?

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q2 2014)
Although the economy was off to a slow start this year, the states and MSAs highlighted in Area Development’s Gold and Silver Shovel and 100 Leading Locations reports will be among the leaders of the predicted economic rebound for 2014. More
Aerospace >>

First Person: Aerospace Industry Focuses on Technological Growth and Job Retention

Jeff Troan, Managing Director, Vista Site Selection, LLC (Q2 2014)
Jeff Troan, of Lockheed Martin, talks to staff writer Clare Goldsberry about economic development issues facing the aerospace industry including priorities when making location decisions and the value of incentives. More
Portfolio Management / CRE >>

In Focus: Tenants Must Plan for the Unimaginable

Nora Hogan, Principal, Transwestern (Q2 2014)
Business shifts are often unimaginable to the tenant at the beginning of a lease term, but planning for them is as important as negotiating any other element in the agreement. More
Exclusive Online Content
Kentucky >>

Location Notebook: Kentucky Keeps Its Economy On Track

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
As states throughout the nation struggled during the recession, Kentucky quickly acted to help its economy not only recover but also grow. More
Workplace Trends >>

Adapting to Growing Workforce Mobility Issues

Richard Jordan, eBusiness Strategies, LLC (Q2 2014)
Tomorrow’s workforce will not necessarily change space requirements but rather how that space is organized and utilized. Therefore, a shift has been made from strict workplace utilization into a more flexible occupancy measure. More
Florida >>

Greater Fort Lauderdale’s Business Climate Promotes Headquarters Growth

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2014)
A development strategy touting its attractive quality of life as well as favorable business climate has made the Fort Lauderdale area a top choice for headquarters operations. More
Manufacturing / Industrial >>

Stepping Up Your Game Through Productivity Improvement

Woodruff Imberman, President, Imberman and DeForest (Q2 2014)
Only those suppliers selling parts and components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who improve their overall productivity faster than their competitors will continue to prosper as the economy revives and the OEMs keep driving relentlessly to cut their costs. More

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