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Directory 2017
Cover Story
Skilled Labor / STEM >>

Should “Urbanization” Drive the Location Decision?

Brian Corde, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight (Directory 2017)
Companies have been following the millennial talent pipeline to the urban locales this population cohort prefers, but as this group ages their lifestyle preferences — and your company’s location choices — may change. More
Medical/Pharmaceutical >>

What’s Driving Pharmaceutical Firms’ Operations Siting Decisions?

Woody Hydrick, Managing Principal, Global Location Strategies (Directory 2017)
A pharma company’s position in the drug life cycle chain affects where it will locate, as does its need for a skilled workforce and low taxes, among other concerns. More
Location Canada >>

Canada’s Intent to Create the World’s Largest Trading Bloc

Michael Darch, Founding President, Consider Canada Cities Alliance (Directory 2017)
Combined with NAFTA, CETA provides companies located in Canada with preferential access to the world’s two largest economies — the U.S. and the EU — that together with Canada represent half of the world’s GDP. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

The Importance of an Incentives Review Process

Minah Hall, Managing Director, Compass Key Site Solutions (Directory 2017)
Today’s reality requires companies to develop an incentives review process and give it due resources in order to obtain and stay in compliance with valuable negotiated incentives. More
Automotive >>

Real Estate Solutions Needed for Tech-Driven Auto Industry

Jeffrey Green, Managing Director, Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield (Directory 2017)
On the verge of an automotive revolution, the CRE industry is working to meet the evolving needs of OEMs and parts suppliers in the middle of a short supply real estate market. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

The Coming Battle Over Infrastructure Funding and Investment

Tim Feemster, Managing Principal, Foremost Quality Logistics (Directory 2017)
The Trump administration’s promise to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but one thing is certain: the work is long overdue and will cost a lot more than the promised $1 trillion investment. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Utility Companies: Powerful Economic Development Partners

Josh Bays, Senior Partner, Site Selection Group, LLC (Directory 2017)
Utility economic development organizations can bring a lot to the table during the corporate location process, especially in terms of technical expertise along with strategic and project-level funding. More
Front Line
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Frontline: One-Year Update on the Revised Ozone Standard

Tom Ewing, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)
September 30th marked an important clean air deadline. That’s when governors had to send EPA a list of in-state regions judged to comply, or not, with the revised ozone (O3) standard, changed one year earlier, October 1, 2015. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Frontline: Defend Trade Secrets Act Gives Added Protection for Tech Companies

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)
The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), signed into law in May, 2016 by President Obama, has received wide industry praise from manufacturers as well as industry trade organizations. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

In Focus: Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Sector

Ben Grinnell, Managing Director, North Highland (Directory 2017)
To drive market gains in today’s rapid pace of digitization, organizations must move decisively to align technology and digital with strategy and culture, choosing continuous improvement, agility, automation and transparency over business-as-usual. More
Exclusive Online Content
Indiana >>

Location Notebook: Indiana Workforce Initiatives Attract and Retain Industry

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)
Indiana is meeting its workforce challenges, while drawing upon its infrastructure and other strengths to attract business. More
Tennessee >>

Location Notebook: Foreign Investment Making a Powerful Impact in Tennessee

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)
Companies across the globe are making investments and creating jobs in Tennessee to connect with suppliers and ultimately reach the vast U.S. market. More
Workplace Trends >>

The Mountain in Your Location Decision: Discovering the Impact of Work-Life Balance Options on the Workforce

Mason Donovan, Managing Partner, The Dagoba Group (Directory 2017)
Choosing a location where your employees can have a healthy work-life balance can lower employee turnover and also increase their productivity. More
Kentucky >>

Location Notebook: Kentucky Is Serious about Advanced Manufacturing

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)
Automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical companies are among Kentucky’s advanced manufacturers that are benefiting from the varied support services offered by the state, including its efforts to build a highly skilled workforce. More

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