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Q1 2022
Cover Story
Automotive >>

Driving Into An Electric Vehicle Future

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development (Q1 2022)
The transition to EVs will bring mega investments and thousands of jobs to some communities while disrupting makers of ICE vehicles, the communities in which they’re located, as well as their employees. More
Automotive >>

Optimizing Market Share in the EV Industry

Brandon Darroch, Southeast Division Manager and Senior Associate, SSOE (Q1 2022)
With huge growth expected in the EV/battery production market, manufacturers must start their project planning early, taking into account labor, energy, and supply chain needs. More
Energy / Clean Tech >>

How the Biden Energy Plan Will Impact U.S. Business

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)
With the federal government’s commitment to sustainable energy, businesses must act now to not only meet the new guidelines but also to satisfy customers and investors alike. More
Construction / Project Planning >>

Crunch Time in the Construction Industry

Anthony Johnson, President, Industrial Business Unit, Clayco (Q1 2022)
Supply chain disruptions spawn creative, and possibly lasting, project solutions. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Supply of Warehouse Space Yet to Meet Demand

A.J. Washeleski, Business Development, Kirco Manix (Q1 2022)
A lack of warehouse space in growth markets — driven by the surge in e-commerce — is being exacerbated by a scarcity of building materials and their skyrocketing costs. More
Workplace Trends >>

Locations That Promote Employee Health and Well-Being Coming to the Forefront

Peter Miscovich, Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation, JLL (Q1 2022)
As workforce location preferences have evolved over decades, one thing has remained constant: individuals want to work and live in locations that foster their physical as well as mental and emotional health. More
Construction / Project Planning >>

Project Controls: Keeping Complex Project Delivery On-Track

Shawn Buchanan, Vice President/General Manager, Graycor (Q1 2022)
A dedicated project controls process will take into account all phases of a project, from planning and scheduling to budgeting and execution, helping to successfully deal with any difficulties encountered along the way. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

An Evolving Incentives Environment

Kathy Mussio, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight, LLC (Q1 2022)
Remote work is creating challenges for incentive agreements and compliance. More
Labor Costs / Organized Labor >>

The Labor Challenges of Site Selection

Greg Chmura, Chief Quality Office, Chmura Economics (Q1 2022)
A careful evaluation of a site’s labor force is needed to guard against unwelcome surprises. More
Annual Report
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

36th Annual Corporate Survey: Executives Focus on Labor, Energy, Shipping Costs

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2022)
A tight labor market, supply chain challenges, and rising costs have resulted in some surprising changes in corporate respondents’ location priorities. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

18th Annual Consultants Survey: Access to Major Markets and Skilled Labor Are Clients’ Primary Concerns

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2022)
Supply chain considerations, the shortage of skilled workers, and a lack of industrial space are top of mind for their clients, according to consultants responding to our annual survey. More
Viewpoint >>

Editor's Note: Speed of Change Will Accelerate in 2022

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2022)
Companies have met the challenges over the last two difficult years but will now need to adjust their plans and priorities over the course of 2022 in order to succeed. More
Sustainable Development >>

Front Line: Extreme Weather Events Factor into Location and Sustainability Decisions

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)
The risk of extreme weather events is increasingly being factored into companies’ location decisions, as are sustainability initiatives to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

First Person: AI and Robotics in the Workplace

Carolina Weidler, Principal, Hendy (Q1 2022)
With COVID-19 changing the reality of the world’s population, it has undoubtedly affected the way businesses operate. Area Development recently discussed the use of robotics and other automation technologies in response to these changes with Carolina Weidler, leader of Hendy’s Science and Technology Practice Group. More
Automotive >>

Front Line: U.S. Automakers Look to Semiconductor Partners

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)
In response to supply chain challenges and in order to expand production of AVs and EVs, U.S. automakers are looking to design the highly coveted chips in-house. More
Workplace Trends >>

In Focus: The Business Case for the Building of the Future

Tyler Smith, Executive Director, Healthy Buildings, Johnson Controls (Q1 2022)
Investing in facilities now will yield financial and physical benefits in the short and long term. More
Sustainable Development >>

In Focus: Redefining the “Smart” in Smart Cities

Karen Lightman, Executive Director, Metro21: Smart Cities Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (Q1 2022)
Emerging robotics and AI technologies can help meet critical goals of connectivity, equity, and sustainability. More
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