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Business Globalization

Immigration: A Potential Fix for Labor Shortages?

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Workforce Q4 2023)

Reforms to U.S. immigration policy may help to supply more of the workers needed by companies that might otherwise choose to locate in other countries. More

Made in the USA: Shoring Up Options for U.S. Manufacturing’s Resurgence

Jason Price, Americas Head of Logistics & Industrial Research., Cushman & Wakefield (Q4 2023)

With the right planning, investors and occupiers have a unique opportunity to reshape the future of the U.S. and Americas-wide manufacturing sector. More

The Data Center Odyssey in Mexico

Maribel Gaytán, Strategic Consultant, Cushman & Wakefield (Q4 2023)

Its strategic location, available real estate, and skilled workforce are among the advantages that have made Mexico a hub of data center activity. More

Navigating the FDI Process

Ed McMullen, Senior Policy Advisor; David King, Senior Policy Advisor; and Burnie Maybank, Counsel; Adams and Reese LLP (Q4 2023)

Foreign firms seeking a U.S. location for a new or expanded facility may need assistance in navigating the federal, state, and local environments in which they will operate. More

U.S. Attracting FDI From European Manufacturers

Michael Johnson, Shareholder, Baker Donelson and Sebastian Meis, Shareholder, Baker Donelson (Q3 2023)

High energy prices and bureaucracy at home, geopolitical tensions, and supply chain demands are among the factors spurring European companies to expand or relocate operations to the United States. More

Canada's Infrastructure and Innovation: Powering Economic Growth and Sustainability

Gregg Wassmansdorf, Gabriel Dion, and Gillian Apps, Global Corporate Services, Global Strategy, Newmark Canada (Location Canada 2023)

Through its investment in infrastructure development, site-readiness initiatives, transformation of its power sector, and work-focused immigration policies, FDI in Canada continues to grow at a healthy pace. More

How ESG Is Driving Canadian Government Programs

Marc Beauchamp, Managing Director, Hickey Canada (Location Canada 2023)

Through their ESG-oriented policies, Canada’s federal and provincial governments are working to position themselves as an attractive investment destination for businesses seeking sustainable long-term growth. More

Nearshoring — North America’s Next Factory

Maribel Gaytán, Strategic Consultant, Cushman & Wakefield (Q2 2023)

Its strong maquiladora program, skilled labor, and favorable geographic location have made Mexico a top choice for nearshoring to the U.S. market. More

37th Annual Corporate Survey: Economic Pressures Exerting Greatest Effect on Decision-Makers

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2023)

Companies looking to grow are facing an historically tight labor market and rising costs, but their plans to invest may be buoyed by recent government legislation. More

19th Annual Consultants Survey: Clients Challenged by Tight Labor Market, Energy Availability

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2023)

Consultants responding to our survey say economic conditions are affecting their clients’ expansion/investment plans, with labor and energy availability and costs of prime concern. More

Federal Legislation Affects Companies’ Investment Plans

Jacob Everett , Founder, Corsa Strategies (Q1 2023)

Companies looking to grow are facing an historically tight labor market and rising costs, but their plans to invest may be buoyed by recent government legislation. More

Corporate Decision-Makers Face a Challenging Environment

Larry Gigerich, Executive Managing Director , Ginovus (Q1 2023)

The rankings clearly reflect the impact of geopolitical and economic instability, as well as technology. More

Labor Related Factors Are Key

Bradley Migdal, Executive Managing Director, Business Incentives Practice, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. and Matt Niehoff, Senior Consulting Analyst, Location & Labor Analytics, Cushman & Wakefield (Q1 2023)

Companies are searching for the right balance of labor — at all skill levels — that can satisfy their needs not only now but also into the future. More

Energy Costs Come to the Forefront

Lauren Berry, Senior Manager, Location Analysis and Incentives, Maxis Advisors (Q1 2023)

The shift away from carbon-emitting fuels and the unexpected spikes in natural gas pricing in 2022 have made industrial customers increasingly sensitive to energy costs in their location decisions. More

Companies Are Recalibrating Their Priorities

Eric Stavriotis, Vice Chairman, CBRE (Q1 2023)

In recent years many companies have been propelled to recalibrate priorities for their location strategies and resulting real estate footprints. The top site selection factors for occupiers today include the following: More

The Top Investment Location Prospects for Aerospace Manufacturing

Scott Thompson, Global Aerospace & Defense Leader, PwC (Q1 2023)

Which are the most promising states and countries for aerospace production in a rapidly evolving sector-wide landscape? More

What in the World? FDI Trends to Watch in 2023

Morgan Crapps, Principal, Parker Poe Consulting (Q1 2023)

Morgan Crapps, Principal at ParkerPoe Consulting, spoke at Area Development’s Women in Economic Development Forum about the trends and factors that shaped foreign direct investment in the United States in 2022, and what we’re tracking for 2023. More

Old Tricks, New Methods: Streamlining the FTZ Process with Software

Brent Dawkins, Director, Product Marketing, QAD (Q1 2023)

Despite the savings garnered by utilizing an FTZ, setting up and managing a foreign-trade zone is often a daunting process, but innovative software solutions can now help. More

Innovation Corridors Update

John W. McCurry (Q4 2022)

From robotics to EVs, from semiconductors to the life sciences, metro and regional hubs of innovation are advancing economic development across the nation. More

NYC Economy Going Strong

NYCEDC (Q4 2022)

A new report on New York City’s economy shows that the city still lives up to its long-standing reputation as the global business capital. More

Fixing the Supply Chain with AI and Robotics

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2022)

Automation, industrial robots, and other technology solutions have allowed manufacturers to shorten their supply chains, while also making them more efficient and reducing labor costs. More

Factoring Mexico Into a Solution to the Global Supply Chain Crisis

Bob Cook, Senior Vice President, Latin America, Site Selection Group, LLC (Q4 2022)

While its proximity to the U.S. and lower labor costs make Mexico a good location for a manufacturing operation, other costs may be higher, and its supplier base still lacks maturity. More

Amid Rebound, U.S. Regains Position as World Leader in FDI

Brian Jones, President & CEO, Gray Construction (Q4 2022)

Traditional and rapidly emerging industries alike are choosing the U.S. for its stable and innovative market, skilled workforce, and favorable tax and regulatory climate. More

Front Line: Taking a Deep Dive into Suppliers’ Labor Force

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2022)

Heightened supply chain visibility will let manufacturers know if their suppliers are using forced labor, which puts them at risk for legal penalties as well as damage to their brand. More

“Friend-Shoring” To “Next-Dooring”

Daniel Ujczo, Senior Counsel, Thompson Hine LLP (Location Canada 2022)

Canada holds a strategic position as a critical investment destination in a new era of global supply chains and sourcing. More

Navigating the Change: Business Location and Economic Development in Canada

Julia Stefanishina, Senior Vice President/Associate Partner,  Ernst & Young and Elizabeth Pringle, Associate Partner, Ernst & Young (Location Canada 2022)

De-globalization, supply chain disruptions, an evolving tax landscape, tight labor markets, and the continued rise of ESG are among the issues manufacturers are facing. More

Manufacturing’s Last “KISS”

Jeff Troan, Managing Director, Vista Site Selection, LLC (2022 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Although those in the aerospace and other industries once believed that the simplest solution to a production problem was undoubtedly the optimal one, it often creates inefficiency in design and production that makes for a competitive disadvantage in today’s global marketplace. More

Last Word: Decision-Making Dynamics in an Uncertain World-Business Despises Uncertainty

Robert Hess, Vice Chairman, Newmark  (Q3 2022)

Data points are shifting, and location decision-making must change to be evidence-based in approach. Long-term planning is admirable, but short-term incremental gains may be more prudent in the near-term economy. More

To Cluster or Not to Cluster…That is the Question!

Rich Thompson, International Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions, JLL (Q3 2022)

Although clusters are here to stay in some sectors — think life sciences — other industries — among them EVs and semiconductors — are geographically branching out. More

Front Line: Is Reshoring Production the Answer to Supply Chain Woes?

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2022)

In light of supply chain challenges post-pandemic, some manufacturers have decided to reshore their production, with varying results. More

First Person: Global Trade and Development Face Big Challenges in 2022

Robin van Puyenbroeck, Executive Director, Business Development, World Trade Centers Association (Q3 2022)

Area Development’s editor recently asked Robin van Puyenbroeck, executive director of business development for the WTCA, about trends in global trade and investment, top challenges, supply chain woes, and how to prepare for the next global crisis. More

Supply Chain Mix and Match

Derek Cutler, Chief Economist, EBP-US and Christopher Steele, President & CEO, EBP-US (Q3 2022)

Global trade imbalances have been created by systems designed pre-pandemic to handle JIT manufacturing that were not adaptable to sourcing and moving goods. More

Foreign-Trade Zones: The Best, Zero-Cost Incentive for Your Business

Curtis Spencer, President, IMS Worldwide, Inc. (Q2 2022)

FTZs can bring in millions of dollars in additional profits and cost very little to maintain relative to the investment. More

Driving Into An Electric Vehicle Future

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development (Q1 2022)

The transition to EVs will bring mega investments and thousands of jobs to some communities while disrupting makers of ICE vehicles, the communities in which they’re located, as well as their employees. More

36th Annual Corporate Survey: Executives Focus on Labor, Energy, Shipping Costs

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2022)

A tight labor market, supply chain challenges, and rising costs have resulted in some surprising changes in corporate respondents’ location priorities. More

18th Annual Consultants Survey: Access to Major Markets and Skilled Labor Are Clients’ Primary Concerns

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2022)

Supply chain considerations, the shortage of skilled workers, and a lack of industrial space are top of mind for their clients, according to consultants responding to our annual survey. More

2022 Trade Concerns for Manufacturers

Laura Rabinowitz, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP (Q1 2022)

With tariffs increasing, as well as a heightened focus on products made with forced labor, importers must carefully examine their supply chains in order to figure out how to mitigate their exposure. More

How an International Business Can Enter the U.S. Market Via M&A

Stephanie Few, Partner; John Scannapieco, Partner; Michael Cashin, Partner; Caroline Frey, Associate; Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP and, Robert Winborne, Managing Director; Brookwood Associates (Q4 2021)

Tapping into the U.S. market can provide a company with many advantages, but the process can be complicated and require professional advice and support. More

Canada’s Diversity and Positioning Is Promising

Marc Beauchamp, Managing Director, Hickey Canada (Location Canada 2021)

Although the pandemic caused FDI to slow, with its diverse workforce, Canada is experiencing a surge in Industry 4.0 projects and may benefit from U.S. firms nearshoring their supply chains. More

Canadian Industrial Sectors Expand with Business and Government Investment

Gregg Wassmansdorf, Senior Managing Director, Global Corporate Services, Newmark  and Gabriel Dion, Director, Global Strategy, Newmark (Location Canada 2021)

Diverse public-sector infrastructure investments, streamlined regulations, and certified site programs are driving private-sector industrial investment and expansions across Canada. More

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