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Wind Turbine Jobs for Ontario

Location Canada 2011
A wind turbine manufacturer, WindTronics, plans to assemble residential and small commercial wind turbines and conduct R&D in Windsor, Ontario. The province is providing $2.7 million to help the company establish its operations, while the company is investing an additional $2.7 million. The investment will create 174 new jobs by 2012 and brings new capabilities to the province's manufacturing and alternative energy sectors.

The WT6000 Honeywell Wind Turbine, the first model to be manufactured in Windsor, can generate more than 2000 kW per year - up to 18 percent of the electricity used by the average home. The turbine's innovative design reduces friction and allows electricity to be produced in slower wind speeds.

"The support from the government of Ontario allows us to hit the ground running and quickly start production. Ontario has demonstrated its commitment to the green economy and the commercialization of new technologies. The province also offers business advantages that other jurisdictions simply cannot match," said Reg Adams, president of WindTronics.

The province's Green Energy Act sets out to ensure Ontario's place among North America's renewable energy leaders, and more than 50,000 jobs are expected in the next three years as projects get under way.

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