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Risk Management, Enhanced Communication Needed in Post-Pandemic Environment

Companies must proactively incorporate redundancy, safety, and communication into their operations.

Q2 2020
COVID-19 has significantly altered the landscape for businesses globally that will reverberate well beyond and into the future. Manufacturing and supply chain decisions for corporations have had to make adaptations due to the massive disruption from this pandemic. Understanding and implementing the new norms will be quintessential to success in this environment.

Cost-driven decisions have stranded and left companies vulnerable due to a lack of redundancy in manufacturing. Going forward, adapting a strategy that has supply chain alternatives and enhanced protocol for these facilities will be paramount for implementation. Creating a safe environment that allows employees access to counseling, as well as defined protocols for physical distancing and increased protective measures, will be the new norm.

Implementing a risk-management strategy that can react to COVID-19 type pandemics in real time will be essential. Companies need to manage risks from external sources that can affect the overall environment rapidly. Focusing on internal risks will not be sufficient for a supply chain to remain functional during another pandemic.

Implementing a risk-management strategy that can react to COVID-19 type pandemics in real time will be essential. Enhanced communication will be key in sharing information between employees and the company. The frequency will need to increase and there will be a need for a system to track employee concerns daily. The new norm will be a sincere attempt at two-way communication that will lead to a safer and more productive workplace ongoing. The rapid response will be delivered as a natural flow of information rather than a panicked reaction to a crisis only.

Corporations will need to implement and involve employees in order to build confidence back into the workplace from this pandemic. Building an infrastructure that incorporates redundancy, safety, and communication from the C-suite to the front-line employee will reduce risk and enhance productivity. While these are certainly trying times, they’re also a time for adapting and integrating the next chapter post-pandemic.

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