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Yogi Tea Producer Opens Eugene, Oregon, Manufacturing Campus

Yogi, a natural tea company, opened its new 189,000 square-foot tea manufacturing facility in Eugene, Oregon. The facility is designed to meet increased consumer demand for its products as well as prepare for future expansion.

"The opportunity to build the nation's first LEED-certified tea manufacturing facility right here in Eugene is very exciting for us, as we have always considered Eugene a home for Yogi," said Giancarlo Marcaccini, CEO of Yogi. "When building this plant, our vision was to create a space that was thoughtfully designed and thoroughly efficient. This was purposeful in order to cultivate an environment that was harmonious both to what we do, which is make the best tea in the world, and to who is doing it, which is everyone working here to achieve that.”

According to company officials, customized from the ground up the new facility establishes a more efficient blueprint for product testing, manufacturing and employee collaboration and satisfaction. The facility incorporates numerous features to encourage more sustainable business practices, and works to minimize pollution, waste and heat island impacts.

The new facility also includes high-tech Research and Development and Quality Assurance laboratories. From plant DNA analysis to ingredient identity confirmation testing, the lab was designed with a meticulous focus on ensuring product purity, quality and safety. In contrast to its previous manufacturing facility, the new Eugene manufacturing facility provided Yogi its first opportunity to design a manufacturing plant that aligns with its process flow. This new layout is expected to bring greater efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process.

"Just like our teas help people to thrive and flourish, our new facility was built to support the health and wellbeing of our employees and community," said Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Director of Global Community Relations and HR Development for Yogi. "Since 1984, Yogi has been comprised of individuals who embrace the vision and culture of our company. This community and many of people who live here have been a part of our story, and now our story continues."

Examples include the actual location of the facility, which reduces environmental impact due to land selection that was not farmland nor in the flood plain, and not habitat for any endangered species, as well as provision of bicycle covered storage and preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles, company officials explained.

In addition, the new facility allows for improved energy and water efficiencies through efforts such as capturing 90 percent of storm runoff and implementing drought-tolerant landscape.

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