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RENEW Energy Plans Enid, Oklahoma, Remanufacturing Plant

Wind power service provider RENEW Energy plans to build a new remanufacturing facility in Enid, Oklahoma. The project is expected to create 90 jobs.

The new facility will remanufacture wind turbine drive trains, and it will hold the largest capacity in North America in regards to the size of said turbines, according to state officials. Services on these turbines will be performed entirely on-site, other than the transportation of the actual turbines to and from the facility.

“We’re going to try and keep everything in-house,” said Travis Harkins, CEOO of RENEW Energy. “The only thing that I would say would be off-site is the transportation to and from, and that will be through Global Specialized Services, our sister company. They will provide the transportation for us and then our other sister site, Transportation Partners and Logistics, will provide the logistics and the material handling for us.”

Founded in 2009 by wind energy industry veterans, and recently acquired by TAKKION, RENEW has become one of the nation’s top independent service providers. The company offers a wide variety of specializations, including Construction & Field Services, Operations & Maintenance, Asset Management, Gearbox Services, Infield/Up Tower Repairs, 24/7 Remote Monitoring, Specialty Field Services, Remanufacturing, Mobile Oil Change Services, Blade Services and Supply Chain Services.

“Enid has always recognized ourselves as being the hub of renewable energy development in the south-central part of the U.S.,” added Lisa Powell, Enid Regional Development Alliance Executive Director. “With our proximity to renewable energy projects and our strong transportation network, it makes sense that the manufacturing and maintenance to support the renewable industry is also located in Enid. This announcement by RENEW is a huge first step in realizing this vision and may just be the beginning of a new industry cluster in north-central Oklahoma. We appreciate the investment in facilities and new jobs that RENEW is bringing to our community and we look forward to supporting their success for years to come.”

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