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Study: U.S. Manufacturers Sixth in Product Launch Time to Market

Manufacturers that want to introduce a new product would find the most success in Japan or the Nordic nations, according to the findings of a study published in the journal Marketing Science. Gerard J. Tellis, a professor of marketing at the University of Southern California, and Deepa Chandrasekaran, assistant professor of marketing at Lehigh University, co-authored "The Global Takeoff of New Products: Culture, Wealth, or Vanishing Differences," which analyzes the time it takes for new products to take off in 31 different countries. Based on their results, Japan offers the fastest time with 5.4 years, followed by Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark. The United States is sixth at 6.2 years. Traditionally strong European economies were near the middle of the list, but behind Venezuela and South Korea. India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China were ranked lowest. Products analyzed were split into "fun" - those used for information and entertainment - and "work" - mostly household appliances. The study also indicates that products in the "fun" category take off in much shorter time, an average of seven years, than those in the "work" category at 12 years on average.


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