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How Green Is Your Site's Energy?

Alternative energy is part of today's - and tomorrow's - location decision.

Apr/May 09
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AD: Are there business tax credits for using alternative energy? 

Uminski: There are a variety of tax credits and financial incentives available, including corporate tax incentives, bond programs, grant programs, green building incentives, loan programs, and sales and property tax incentives.
Sweeney: More are emerging at both the federal and state level. Some federal benefits have been in place for a couple of years and were renewed this year.
Hess: The West and Midwest states are ahead of the game on this versus the Southeast and Northeast. Activity right now is all about how state and regions can benefit from the federal stimulus package and funnel those funds into projects in the renewables sector, including Treasury assistance grants for what is reported to be up to 20 or 30 percent of capital expenditure for qualified projects.

How will the Obama administration's position on green energy and green technology affect future location planning? 

Sweeney: Many firms are asking that very question - how will electric suppliers react? Can we get direct subsidies for being a green energy user? What kind of penalties will be placed on carbon emissions and how will that affect costs? In general, this is increasing the sensitivity toward the criteria of "electric generation sources of utilities" by companies seeking sites.
Hess: That's true, but in site selection, it is all about risk-adjusted location decision making and going back to the basics of margin and unit costs: Where should I be and how quickly can I get into production or service mode to be competitive and profitable? Nonetheless, any proposal that demonstrates how alternative energy can improve a company's performance and overall metrics will no doubt be considered. Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, tidal energy, biomass, nuclear power - these alternative forms of energy are all great and necessary to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and need to be environmentally conscious.

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