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Reasons The Wind Energy Industry Has Especially Benefited from Incentives at the Federal and State Level
What are wind energy's benefits as compared to other "green" energies? And, why have the federal and state governments invested so much money in wind energy in particular?
Gregory Burkart, Detroit Manging Director, Duff & Phelps
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There are some key reasons why the wind energy industry has especially benefited in the form of a larger slice federal and state funding devoted to clean energy technologies:

While the resource is intermittent, it has the capability to operate 24-7 whereas solar systems operate only when there is sunlight.

The cost of generating electricity from wind is the lowest – other than some forms of geothermal – with prices per kWh in the $0.045 – 0.700 range when incentives are included.

Wind generation does not use any water like other alternative energy technologies that use water to create steam that powers a generator.

Economic developers hope to capture a portion of the manufacturing base that accompanies a robust wind generation business. Some estimate that the global offshore and land-based wind energy manufacturing industry is approximately $580 billion. Most of the current manufacturing expertise is overseas and US economic developers hope to attract a portion of this industry to the US as a backfill for the base manufacturing that has left the US.
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