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Manufacturers Losing Intellectual Property to Security Breaches

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q3 2014)

Although manufacturers understand the importance of securing their intellectual property, few have adequate procedures in place to keep pace with today’s escalating risks. More

In Focus: Four Tips for Renewing Your Office Lease

Stephen F. Graw, Sperry Van Ness/Nashville  (Q3 2014)

Following these steps will help to ensure you get the best deal on your office renewal lease and offer peace of mind that you have done the research, understand your options, and selected the deal that’s best for your company. More

First Person: Aerospace Industry Focuses on Technological Growth and Job Retention

Jeff Troan, Director, Lockheed Martin Corporate Treasury (Q2 2014)

Jeff Troan, of Lockheed Martin, talks to staff writer Clare Goldsberry about economic development issues facing the aerospace industry including priorities when making location decisions and the value of incentives. More

In Focus: Tenants Must Plan for the Unimaginable

Nora Hogan, Principal, Transwestern (Q2 2014)

Business shifts are often unimaginable to the tenant at the beginning of a lease term, but planning for them is as important as negotiating any other element in the agreement. More

10th Annual Survey of Site Selection Consultants: Economy on a More Continuous Growth Track

Area Development Magazine Special Presentation (Q1 2014)

Area Development asked the consultants who work with corporate clients to tell us about their clients’ facilities plans and priorities in making a location decision. Nearly half of the respondents believe the economy will achieve a more continuous growth track this year but, how will that affect their clients’ facility decisions? More

28th Annual Survey of Corporate Executives: Availability of Skilled Labor New Top Priority

Area Development Magazine Special Presentation (Q1 2014)

The results of our survey show a modest improvement in short-range new facility and expansion plans, as well as a realignment of site selection priorities with the availability of skilled labor being the number one concern, outranking highway accessibility and labor costs. More

Tax Technology Roadmap: The Next Steps in Creating a Strategic Asset

Todd Bixby, Partner; Tax Technology Practice Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Michael W. Burak, US & Global Industrial Products Tax Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Q1 2014)

A tax technology strategy will enable a company to align with the company’s business priorities, tax function strategy, and enterprise technology investments. More

The True Value of Economic Development Incentives

Grant Miller, Vice President, Colliers International and Don Moss, Vice President, Colliers International (Directory 2014)

Companies need to determine which incentives are of most value to them and also make sure they are utilizing all the incentives to which they are entitled. More

In Focus: Achieving Business Outcomes With Energy Intelligence

Spencer Rigler, Elster EnergyICT (Directory 2014)

Businesses have traditionally approached energy consumption as a fixed overhead, but the real opportunities lie in approaching it as a variable cost that can be tightly controlled with advanced energy-management systems. More

Should You Stay or Should You Go? Evaluating Operations Expansion Options

Larry Gigerich, Managing Director , Ginovus (Directory 2014)

A thorough investigation of key criteria will allow a company to determine whether expanding at its current location or relocating will yield the best results. More

Vested Outsourcing: How P&G Brought its Focus on Innovation to Facilities Management

Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Center for Executive Education, University of Tennessee,  and Joseph Tillman, Vice President, Transportation, KS Harvesters (Directory 2014)

In a unique arrangement, P&G outsourced its facilities management, along with several other functions, creating a collaborative, win-win relationship with its service providers. More

How to Develop a Successful Outsourcing Contract

Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Center for Executive Education, University of Tennessee,  and Joseph Tillman, Vice President, Transportation, KS Harvesters (Directory 2014)

Outsourcing agreements crafted according to the 10 elements and five rules of “Vested” result in truly collaborative agreements and a win-win situation for the parties involved. More

Critical Location Decision Factor #5: Costs of a New Vs. Existing Facility

Mark Crawford (Q4 / Fall 2013)

Of course, it’s less expensive to rehab an existing facility than go with a build-to-suit, but the latter will give a company a custom fit. This is the Sixth in a series of articles examining the top-10 site selection factors as decided by the respondents to AD's Q1 Corporate Executive Survey. More

First Person: Advancing Automation Technologies Represents Huge Opportunity for Small and Mid-sized Manufacturers

Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation (Q4 / Fall 2013)

The Robotic Industries Association estimates that some 230,000 robots are now in use in U.S. factories, placing the United States second only to Japan in robot use. To find out more about this, the editor of Area Development recently spoke with Jeff Burnstein, president of the Robotic Industries Association, as well as president of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). More

The Move Beyond Building Automation Systems to a More Secure Energy Infrastructure

Brad Witter, Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations , Blue Pillar, Inc. (Q4 / Fall 2013)

Today’s facility managers are faced with the challenge of finding systems that securely automate and centralize their organization’s disparate, but critical, energy assets. More

Market Report: Advances in Biotech Help Life Sciences to Thrive

Beth Mattson-Teig (Q4 / Fall 2013)

Biotechnology is driving growth in the life sciences sector, which has faced numerous challenges, particularly in the pharmaceuticals industry. More

In Focus: Nature’s Cleanup Crew - Peace of Mind for Site Managers

Dr. Aaron Peacock , Environmental Scientist, Haley & Aldrich (Q3 / Summer 2013)

New advancements in the application of biological treatments and analytical technologies are reducing redevelopment and remediation risks at formerly contaminated sites. More

The Five Overarching Trends Affecting Global Corporate Real Estate

Area Development Online Research Desk (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Corporate real estate executives are being asked to do more with less, but CRE leaders have an opportunity to drive productivity and affect corporate competitiveness like at no other time. More

Managing a Successful Temporary Plant Shutdown and Return to Service

Jason Beck, Director of Life Sciences,  Evergreen EDC, SSOE Group (Q2 / Spring 2013)

The temporary shutdown of a manufacturing plant for improvements in equipment and processes must be made with the utmost planning and coordination to achieve the desired aims in the most timely, safest, and cost-efficient manner. More

The Power of 3D: Using BIM for Facility Management

Jim Marchese, Associate, Stantec and Chuck Rudderow, Associate, Stantec (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Building owners and facility managers can reap the benefits of using building information modeling (BIM) long after construction is complete. More