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OneNeck It Solutions Invests $12 Million To Expand Its Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Data Center

OneNeck IT Solutions will invest $12 million to expand the size of its Certified Tier III data center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Expansion plans include adding 6,000 square feet space to give the data center approximately 18,000 square feet of raised floor capacity. Once completed, the project will support approximately 4 Megawatts of critical load on the computer room floor. The project also includes upgrading and expanding the Facility Command Center, building new meeting rooms, and adding new generators, cooling towers, UPS units and CRAC units.

"We are excited construction is underway and look forward to completing the project by mid-year on what will soon be one of the largest commercially available Tier III data center in the region," said Phil LaForge, President and CEO of OneNeck. "Investing in our data center just makes sense. We are nearing capacity at the current facility and want to ensure our customers, and businesses throughout the region, have the space they need for future growth."

The OneNeck IT Solutions data center in Eden Prairie is design-certified by the Uptime Institute as a Tier III data center. The certification signifies that a concurrently maintainable infrastructure is employed such that if any one critical component is removed through planned maintenance or component failure, service will not be interrupted to the data center.

"For our customers, this certification provides peace of mind because it guarantees uptime availability," LaForge said. "Many customers need production environment assurances and guarantees the data center will also be operational so they can run mission-critical applications anytime. Attaining and maintaining Tier III status provides them that certainty."

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