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Qunnect Expands Brooklyn, New York, R&D Operations

Qunnect, an industry leader in quantum-secure networking technology, expanded its research and development facilities at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York.

The new 4,000-square-foot R&D facility and 1,500 square-foot Network Research Hub for the GothamQ Network will support the company’s networking technology, designed for scalable deployment on existing telecom fiber infrastructure.

"GothamQ is the first network of its kind in the US dedicated to the practical distribution of useful entanglement to perform quantum networking protocols over metropolitan distances," said Qunnect CEO Noel Goddard. "This network will not only host new forms of secure communication, but it will also support other quantum devices, including computers and sensors. This collection of capabilities will serve as the foundation for the Quantum Internet."

The company also launched its QU-SOURCE, which it said is “the only entanglement source on the market that produces exceptionally pure polarization photon pairs that are readily compatible with telecom fiber and atomic-based quantum devices.”

Qunnect builds hardware to transform telecommunications infrastructure into scalable quantum networks. The company is a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and developers pushing quantum technology toward unparalleled scale.

"We are introducing a source capable of generating more than ten million pairs of high fidelity polarization entangled photons with sub-GHz linewidth, high heralding efficiency and bichromatic wavelength to be compatible with telecom fibers and atomic devices," noted Co-Founder and CSO Mehdi Namazi. "Additionally, by leveraging GothamQ, we proved the practicality of distributing these entangled photons over 34km of New York City deployed fibers, while maintaining high rate, high entanglement fidelity, and very high, uninterrupted network uptime."

Qunnect recently announced its Series A financing round led by Airbus Ventures and has received research support from the US Department of Energy, the US Air Force, and Activate Global, sponsored by the DARPA-MTO Innovate Program.

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