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Oklahoma Gas and Electric Completes Mustang Energy Center Near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Gas and Electric, a subsidiary of OGE Energy Corp., has completed construction of its new, state-of-the-art Mustang Energy Center, near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

According to company officials OG&E installed seven, modern natural gas-fired units to replace the 1950s-era power generating units at the former Mustang Power Plant. Mustang Energy Center can generate 462 MWs of power and is capable of starting and putting electricity onto the grid in under 10 minutes, compared to 10 to 20 hours for the former units.

"We're proud to usher in a new era of generation technology at a location that's powering our communities and facilitating a critical role in the region's growth and economic development," said OGE Energy Corp. Chairman, President & CEO Sean Trauschke. "Mustang Energy Center is more efficient, more sustainable and more responsive. And, it maintains its legacy of providing affordable, reliable power."

The Center is ideally located near OG&E's largest population center, Oklahoma City metropolitan area, as well as vital facilities such as Tinker Air Force Base, Will Rogers World Airport and other important venues, company officials said. The location is also advantageous because of its existing and skilled workforce, and infrastructure, including connection to nine transmission lines, which ensures that energy can be delivered where and when it is most critical.

"Replacing the units at Mustang was far less expensive than adding a new power plant to our existing fleet," Trauschke said.

"Mustang Energy Center embodies our belief that a diverse energy mix is essential to delivering affordable and reliable power. As the home to modern, natural gas-fired units and Oklahoma's first universal solar farm, the Center plays an important role in the future of balancing grid reliability and renewable energy sources,” he added.


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