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Strengthening Clean Energy Competitiveness: Opportunities for America COMPETES Reauthorization

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation encourages the government to renew the America COMPETES Act and fortify its clean energy provisions.

In its Strengthening Clean Energy Competitiveness report, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation urges the government to do more to promote clean energy innovation, manufacturing, and commercialization. Clean energy is a critical component of both environmental sustainability and the economy. Investments in the clean energy industry are projected to grow to $600 billion globally over the next decade.

The United States is falling short of competitors, particularly China, in clean energy innovations. ITIF urges the government to reauthorize the America COMPETES Act, which promotes innovation and competitiveness in several science-based sectors and organizations. ITIF recommends that the government increase its investments in clean energy education, research, and production; fund innovative programs; and leverage federal investments to spur public-private partnerships.

The organization also recommends that certain components of America COMPETES grow more robust with the bill's renewal. Those include increasing funding to clean energy science and engineering education, increasing funds to clean energy research and innovation, advancing clean energy production and manufacturing, and developing clean energy industry clusters.

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