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Inward Investment Guides

Transportation Equipment: A Key Economic Driver

Mark Crawford (Q2 2014)

Growth in the automotive, aerospace, and other transportation related manufacturing industries is rolling along at a steady pace. More

The Southland Delivers a Solid Economic Performance

Mark Crawford (Q1 2014)

The southern states have embraced the transition from traditional to knowledge-based economies and work hard to attract new projects and the high-paying jobs that come with them. More

Manufacturing in America: Bigger, Better and Bolder

Mark Crawford (Q1 2014)

American manufacturing is on the upswing, with advances in innovation and productivity buoyed by decreased energy and transportation costs, and new efforts to increase work force skills. More

First Person: Putting U.S. Manufacturing Front and Center

Scott N. Paul, President, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and Clare Goldsberry , Area Development Contributor (Directory 2014)

Scott N. Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, discusses how government policy supports U.S. manufacturing growth, the perceived “skills gap” and mainstream media’s recent focus on U.S. manufacturing. More

New Technologies Transforming Manufacturing, Changing Competition

Area Development Online Research Desk (Directory 2014)

According to a recent paper from the Deloitte University Press entitled “The Transformation of Manufacturing,” advanced materials, new production technologies, and digital techniques are allowing manufacturers to remain competitive despite numerous challenges. More

Coming in for a Landing: Ontario’s Aerospace Cluster Comes of Age

Area Development Online Research Desk (Q4 / Fall 2013)

When manufacturing commercial airline components, a skilled labor force helps leave nothing to chance. Food for thought: the next time your plane lands safely and smoothly, you’re likely supported by landing equipment manufactured in Ontario, Canada, where 40 percent of all commercial airline landing gear is made. More

Canada’s Innovative High-Tech Sectors

Mark Crawford (Location Canada 2013)

Canada’s clean energy, ICT, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing sectors are clustered around seven vibrant metropolitan areas. More

Special Investment Report: Ohio

Dave Claborn , Director of Development and Community Relations, Ohio State University, Marion (Q3 / Summer 2013)

Sixty percent of the U.S. and Canadian population lies within a day’s drive, making Ohio an ideal location for manufacturing — machinery, automobiles, plastics, appliances, and steel, among others. More

First Person: A Frank Discussion on 3D Printing's Evolution and Future

David Cox, President/CEO, Purple Platypus (Q3 / Summer 2013)

Recently, we spoke with David Cox, president/CEO of Purple Platypus, a 3D printing technologies seller, and Purple Porcupine, a service bureau with 12 machines that print 3D parts for a variety of customers and markets. 3D printing hasn’t exactly been an overnight success, after 25 years, the industry is finally getting the attention it deserves — some good, some bad. More

A Community Helps Aerospace Firm Satisfy Its Work Force Needs

Area Development Online Research Desk (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

The local community and the academic institutions in Rochester, New Hampshire, worked together to establish a unique facility to meet the training needs of an expanding aerospace composites firm. More

Certified Sites Lower Risks and Increase Speed to Market for OEMs

Area Development Online Research Desk (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

CSX’s site certification program complements Alabama’s own AdvantageSite designation; both of these programs ensure that proper due diligence has been performed on a site and it is ready for development. More

Advanced Training for Today’s Auto and Aerospace Workers

Area Development Online Research Desk (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

AIDT, which is responsible for work force training in Alabama, runs several industry-specific facilities, including the Robotic Technology Park. RTP focuses on robotics and automation technologies that are essential to the auto and aerospace industries. More

Canadian Aerospace Firm Nearshores Its Supply Chain to Wichita

Area Development Online Research Desk (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

After conducting a global search, a Canadian first-tier OEM has decided to source its products from a Wichita, Kansas, supplier that is expanding in order to increase production. More

Primer: Financial Incentives Help Growing Auto and Aerospace Firms

David B. Munson, Program Development Associate, Center for Automotive Research and Michael Schultz, Industry Analyst, Center for Automotive Research (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Examples of automotive and aerospace suppliers who are using state-level grant, loan, and reimbursement programs successfully to overcome financial gaps and other obstacles to investing in new equipment, adding space or new facilities, and creating jobs. More

The Perfect Storm in Aerospace Manufacturing

Dave Russell, Aerospace Industry Consultant, Advanced Technology Services (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Increasing global demand, constrained capacity, and labor scarcity are changing the geography of high-tech manufacturing. More

Aerospace Industry Site Selection Shouldn’t Be Top Secret

John Schuetz, Principal, The RHS Group (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Specific labor force and infrastructure requirements often drive the aerospace company’s location decision, with incentives helping the firm to keep its costs in check. More

Thailand rides technology, investment tide on 'new wave' supply chain

Richard K. Wallace, Editor and Publishing Director, The Next Silicon Valley (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Thailand has established itself as an important supplier and distributor in many sectors, from automobiles to food processing equipment. As a regional center for Southeast Asia, look for Thailand to become an even bigger and stronger partner to its growing roster of global manufacturers and suppliers. More

Market Report: Aerospace Businesses Looking for New Opportunities

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Aerospace opportunities could be in the commercial aviation sector, where rising fuel costs are causing increased interest in the purchase of new, more efficient planes. More

The States Leading the U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence

Mark Crawford (Q1 / Winter 2013)

Exhibiting know-how and innovation, U.S. manufacturers are adding to their payrolls and economic growth across the nation. We have identified 19 states where manufacturing is leading the way... More

First Person: AMT President Calls for Permanent Manufacturing R&D and Innovation Incentives

Doug Woods, President, The Association For Manufacturing Technology (Fall 2012)

As manufacturing powers our economic recovery, Area Development and AMT President, Doug Woods, discuss how to continue building sustained U.S manufacturing strength and job creation. More
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