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Ports Jockey for Post-Panamax “Pole Position”

Tim Feemster, Managing Principal, Foremost Quality Logistics (Q1 2014)

East and Gulf Coast ports are gearing up to accommodate the supersized containerships that will be able to traverse the expanded Panama Canal — and the delayed expansion process has given them the advantage of time to get ready. More

International Location Report: Canada Presents a Stable Business Climate

Mark Crawford (Directory 2014)

Canada’s wealth of resources and pro-business environment has helped the nation to attract recent big investment projects from around the world. More

Mexico’s Investment Climate Heats Up

Mark Crawford (Directory 2014)

Foreign direct investment in Mexico is strong and growing across most economic sectors and is buoyed by numerous free-trade agreements. More

Coming in for a Landing: Ontario’s Aerospace Cluster Comes of Age

Area Development Online Research Desk (Q4 / Fall 2013)

When manufacturing commercial airline components, a skilled labor force helps leave nothing to chance. Food for thought: the next time your plane lands safely and smoothly, you’re likely supported by landing equipment manufactured in Ontario, Canada, where 40 percent of all commercial airline landing gear is made. More

Canada’s Innovative High-Tech Sectors

Mark Crawford (Location Canada 2013)

Canada’s clean energy, ICT, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing sectors are clustered around seven vibrant metropolitan areas. More

Canada Lays Out Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs

Lisa Buddecke, Kelsar Industries (Location Canada 2013)

With a new plan to fast track visas and provide venture capital support, the Canadian government is hoping to attract individuals with the potential to positively impact Canada’s economy. More

Canada — Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Mark Crawford (Location Canada 2013)

A combination of beneficial attributes across a diverse industrial and geographic landscape has made Canada a global economic leader and attractive place to invest. More

Momentum Builds for U.S.-India Trade Agreement

James T. Berger (Q3 / Summer 2013)

The time appears to be ripe for the enactment of a bilateral investment treaty to reinvigorate commercial ties between the world’s two biggest democracies, the United States and India. More

Intelligent Rural Cities Offer Big-City Benefits Without the Urban Challenges

Robert Bell, Co-founder, Intelligent Community Forum (Q3 / Summer 2013)

The broadband connectivity of the 21st century has made rural areas vital places to grow a business and a career. More

Thailand rides technology, investment tide on 'new wave' supply chain

Richard K. Wallace, Editor and Publishing Director, The Next Silicon Valley (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Thailand has established itself as an important supplier and distributor in many sectors, from automobiles to food processing equipment. As a regional center for Southeast Asia, look for Thailand to become an even bigger and stronger partner to its growing roster of global manufacturers and suppliers. More

C-Level Executive Survey: U.S. On Par with Mexico as a Preferred Nearshoring Destination

Area Development Online Research Desk (Q2 / Spring 2013)

The report includes a survey of C-level executives from across more than 10 manufacturing-related industries, and 37 percent of the respondents cite the U.S. as the preferred nearshoring spot, the same percentage that prefer Mexico. More

First Person: Thailand Poised to Attract High-Tech and Knowledge-Based Industry

Supisara Chomparn, Director, Thailand Board of Investment, New York (March 2013)

Area Development’s editor recently posed some questions to the director of Thailand’s Board of Investment in New York, Supisara Chomparn, about the country’s economic growth and business attraction efforts. More

Foreign Investment Creates Most Jobs in China, India, & the U.S.; South Carolina, Texas, and North Carolina Lead in U.S.

Area Development Online News Desk (January2013)

IBM’s 2012 Global Location Trends report attempts to provide a current view of the world’s “location landscape,” as companies determine where to locate their operations in order to maintain their competitiveness. More

Five Supply Chain Developments to Keep Your Eye On in 2013

Will O’Shea, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, 3PD Inc. (Directory 2013)

Companies may need to realign their site selection strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Instead of merely focusing efforts on how goods are getting from point “A” to “B” today, they must also consider how they will travel tomorrow. Here’s a look at five supply chain trends worth watching... More

New Focus on Mexico as a Key Supply Chain Location

Area Development Online Research Desk (December 2012)

New research from Jones Lang LaSalle reveals the top five reasons to consider Mexico as a key supply chain location. More

Canada's Economy on a Growth Track

Mark Crawford (Fall 2012)

Traditional and innovative industries are driving economic growth across Canada. More

KPMG CompetitiveTax Structures Study Stacks Large and Small U.S. Cities against the Global Competition

Area Development Online Research Desk (October 2012)

Of the 55 large international cities highlighted in KPMG's 2012 Competitive Alternatives: Focus on Tax report, three U.S. cities rank among the top 20; Cincinnati (16th), Baltimore (17th), and Cleveland (18th). More

Switzerland #1 in Global Competitiveness Report; U.S. Drops Two Spots to 7th

Area Development Online Research Desk (September 2012)

This continues the U.S. decline in the rankings for the fourth year in a row, with business leaders continuing to raise concerns about a lack of government efficiency among other macroeconomic issues. More

Why Manufacturers Are Choosing Mexico Over - and in Addition to - China

Douglas L. Donahue, Entrada Group (August 2012)

In addition to its lower labor costs, Mexico's proximity to the Americas and its stable, transparent operating environment are making it a location of choice for many U.S. companies. More

North American Projects Highlighted as Part of KPMG Urban Infrastructure Report

Area Development Online Research Desk (August 2012)

Detroit and Tysons Corner, Virginia are noted in the new and extended cities category for their transformational nature in reinventing existing cities. More
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