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PwC: MoneyTree Survey Report Q4 2010

In its MoneyTree Survey Report for the fourth quarter of 2010, PricewaterhouseCoopers tracks inward venture capital investment across all U.S. geographic regions and industry sectors. Here are the top 10 regions that attracted the most investments during that quarter, and the industries that received these investments.


1. Silicon Valley (1/11)

California's Silicon Valley captured the most funding in the fourth quarter of 2010, with more than $2 billion invested. Unsurprisingly, software investments led the cash flow, accounting for $486 million, or nearly a quarter of total investment in the region.

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2. New England (2/11)

New England states attracted $536 million in fourth quarter 2010 investments spread across 88 business deals. Biotech was far and away the biggest source of these investments, accounting for $166 million, or nearly a third of the region's total cash influx.

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3. New York Metro Area (3/11)

The New York metro area attracted 83 deals with a combined value of more than $512 million. IT services, software, and media and entertainment accounted for most of those deals, with $138 million, $115 million, and $108 million invested, respectively.

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4. Midwest (4/11)

Midwestern states attracted nearly a third of their total $378 million Q4 2010 investments in the industrial and energy sectors, which attracted $114 million in funds. But software, which pulled in $88 million, attracted the most deals, with 22. The industrial and energy sectors saw eight deals.

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5. Los Angeles and Orange County (5/11)

This Southern California area raked in 48 deals valued at nearly $305 million combined. The industrial and energy sectors accounted for more than 45 percent of Q4 2010 investment, and attracted $138 million. Software accounted for the second-most investment, with 16 deals and $70 million.

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6. Colorado (6/11)

The industrial and energy sectors accounted overwhelmingly for Colorado's total Q4 2010 investment, which reached nearly $254 million. With six deals in this sector totaling $182 million, industry and energy concerns made up nearly 72 percent of investments.

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7. San Diego (7/11)

Biotech performed strongly in San Diego, accounting for approximately half of the total $193 million Q4 2010 investment. This industry drew 12 deals, followed by the software sector with five and medical devices and equipment with four.

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8. Southeast (8/11)

A burgeoning Silicon Valley? The Southeast may be headed on that path with nearly a third of its total Q4 2010 investment in the software sector. With a total of $191 million invested during the quarter, software counted 10 deals and $60 million in cash flow.

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9. Northwest (9/11)

With the presence of tech giants like Microsoft, it's no surprise that software accounted for 42 percent of the Northwest's total Q4 2010 investments, which reached $160 million. The software sector's 10 deals attracted $68 million in investments.

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10. Washington, D. C./Metroplex (10/11)

The nation's capitol is also becoming a software hub. While total Q4 2010 investment reached nearly $143 million, software accounted for nearly 43 percent of that total, with $61 million spread across seven deals.

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