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Directory 2014
Cover Story
Site Selection Factors / Strategy >>

Should You Stay or Should You Go? Evaluating Operations Expansion Options

Larry Gigerich, Executive Managing Director , Ginovus (Directory 2014)
A thorough investigation of key criteria will allow a company to determine whether expanding at its current location or relocating will yield the best results. More
Annual Econdev Awards >>

The 2013 Gold & Silver Shovel Award Recipients in Pictures

Area Development Special Presentation (Directory 2014)
Shown here are nine of the recipients of Area Development’s 2013 Gold & Silver awards, which were bestowed in recognition of the states’ efforts to capture new facility and expansion projects that resulted in significant investment and job-creation. All told, 19 states were recognized for their efforts. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

The True Value of Economic Development Incentives

Grant Miller, Partner, Colliers International (Directory 2014)
Companies need to determine which incentives are of most value to them and also make sure they are utilizing all the incentives to which they are entitled. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

A Look Back - and Ahead - at the 2013/2014 Legislative and Incentives Landscape

Jason Hickey, President, Hickey & Associates, LLC (Directory 2014)
From what we witnessed in 2013, we can only expect more dynamic developments in state incentive programs and a continued focus on additional transparency. More
Site Selection >>

A More Focused Approach to the Industrial Location & Evaluation Process

David Verner, RA, NCARB, Senior Vice President, Gresham, Smith and Partners (Directory 2014)
Digging through layers of information on the national and then local level is an arduous task for site selectors, but one that has been made easier through the use of GIS tools. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

How to Develop a Successful Outsourcing Contract

Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Center for Executive Education, University of Tennessee,  (Directory 2014)
Outsourcing agreements crafted according to the 10 elements and five rules of “Vested” result in truly collaborative agreements and a win-win situation for the parties involved. More
DCs / Warehousing >>

E-Commerce Changes Logistics and Incentives Landscape

John Morris, Executive Managing Director, Americas Industrial & Logistics Leader, CBRE (Directory 2014)
The evolution of the e-commerce channel will have an ongoing impact on distribution facilities and those markets with the required infrastructure and incentives that e-commerce companies seek. More
Regional Reports
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Mid-Atlantic Region Drawing High-Tech Investment

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
Some new and creative incentive programs are being provided in the Mid-Atlantic States to help drive the region’s high-tech and other industries. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Energy Sector Bringing Jobs and Wealth to Plains States

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
Winners of numerous accolades, the Plains States are garnering investment across diverse industry sectors and growing their economies. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Mountain States’ Economies Striving to Reach New Heights

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
The Mountain States are posting positive news on the jobs and business location and expansion front. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: The South Atlantic Capitalizes on Its Pro-Business Climate

Beth Mattson-Teig (Directory 2014)
Customized incentives and work force training, as well as its right-to-work environment, are drawing auto, aero, life sciences, and other advanced manufacturers to the South Atlantic. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Slow But Steady Economic Climb for the Midwest

 (Directory 2014)
You’re not likely to find explosive growth in the Midwest, but the region’s economy is advancing at a healthy, steady pace with strategic plans to enhance investment in place. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Beyond Automotive, the South Revs Up Growth Across Diverse Industries

Beth Mattson-Teig (Directory 2014)
A highly skilled work force and good transportation infrastructure are also drawing aerospace and other high-tech companies. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Reaching for the Stars in the Southwest

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
Most of the Southwest is enjoying better job growth than the nation as a whole, and all of these states have ramped up their economic development efforts. More
Workforce Training / Education >>

Editors Note: Getting the U.S. Work Force Up to Snuff

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Directory 2014)
There’s been much talk — and some evidence — of a U.S. manufacturing renaissance and bringing high-paying jobs back home, i.e., reshoring. However, this “skills gap” must be closed if manufacturers are to find the skilled workers they need. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

First Person: Putting U.S. Manufacturing Front and Center

Scott N. Paul, President, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) (Directory 2014)
Scott N. Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, discusses how government policy supports U.S. manufacturing growth, the perceived “skills gap” and mainstream media’s recent focus on U.S. manufacturing. More
Sustainable Development >>

In Focus: Achieving Business Outcomes With Energy Intelligence

Spencer Rigler, Elster EnergyICT (Directory 2014)
Businesses have traditionally approached energy consumption as a fixed overhead, but the real opportunities lie in approaching it as a variable cost that can be tightly controlled with advanced energy-management systems. More
Front Line
Plastics >>

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Allows for Creativity & Reduces Shipping Costs

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
The automotive industry, in particular, has been taking advantage of metal-to-plastic conversion for years to meet stricter federal guidelines for improved fuel efficiency by 2025. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Hydraulic Fracturing Gives Rise to New Water-Treatment Technologies

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
Innovative companies are developing better ways to clean and recycle drilling water on site, as well as manufacturing “greener” drilling solutions that have fewer harmful chemicals. More
Exclusive Online Content
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Slow, But Steady Economic Growth Forecast for 2014

Phillip M. Perry, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)
Growth in jobs, consumer confidence, homes sales, and corporate profits, albeit dampened with uncertainty, are painting a somewhat rosier picture for 2014. More
Site Selection >>

Vested Outsourcing: How P&G Brought its Focus on Innovation to Facilities Management

Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Center for Executive Education, University of Tennessee,  (Directory 2014)
In a unique arrangement, P&G outsourced its facilities management, along with several other functions, creating a collaborative, win-win relationship with its service providers. More

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