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Location Canada

Location Canada

Location Canada Inward Investing Guide

Location Canada provides an introduction to direct investment into Canada for the global-minded company with practical advice and guidance about facilities deployment, labor force skills, taxes and incentives, and more.

Canada: A Leader in the Development of Smart Grid Technology

Jiri Skopek, Managing Director, Energy and Sustainability, ECD JLL (Location Canada 2015)

Smart grids and smart buildings work together to save energy and keep the production line moving. More

The Canadian Advantage: Competitive Business Costs and Low Taxes

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Location Canada 2015)

Competitive costs and low taxes help to fuel the diverse economy on display in Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories. More

International Companies Increasing Their Investments in Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

Brian Morris, Chair, Ontario Food Cluster (Location Canada 2015)

International agri-businesses looking for a talented labor pool, market reach, incentives for R&D, and other tax credits are locating and expanding in Canada. More

Expanding the Cloud: The Top Data Center Markets in North America

Area Development Research Desk (Data Centers 2015)

The data center market is seeing high demand and low price. The competitive pricing is due in part to the large number of options available, yet the industry is expected to enjoy 32 percent growth in North America by 2016, ultimately becoming a $14.8 billion market. More

International Location Report: Energy and Manufacturing Drive Canada’s Economic Growth

Mark Crawford (Directory 2015)

There are lots of reasons Canada is consistently a top G-7 performer - not only is its banking system one of the best in the world, it has a highly diversified economy, ranging from traditional industries like forestry and mining to knowledge-based sectors like IT, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. More

European Automakers Look to North America

David Leverett, Consultant Partner, HMC Global (Advanced Industries 2014)

Direct investment in North America is allowing European automotive companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. More

Canada’s Competitive Corporate Tax Landscape

Howard Silverman, President & CEO, The CAI Global Group (Location Canada 2014)

Canada has witnessed a remarkable transformation in the business tax landscape. Once known for having one of the highest corporate income tax rates in the developed world, Canada now has one of the lowest rates of the Group of Seven (G7) leading industrial economies and is near the middle of the pack of OECD countries. More

Canada to Widen It's Channels of Trade

Leslie Wagner, Director of Project Management and Development, Ginovus (Location Canada 2014)

Although it’s not without challenges, implementation of Canada’s trade agreement with the EU would have many benefits as well as an economic impact on world trade. More

In Focus: Toronto Named World’s “Most Intelligent” Community

Lou Zacharilla, Co-founder, Intelligent Community Forum (Location Canada 2014)

The debate about whether broadband and technology should become required investments is over. The discussion now is how to connect these neutral technologies to an endless natural resource: the human being. For the next 12 months Toronto will be the city that serves as the model of the Intelligent Community movement and the future. More

At the Forefront of the Advanced Manufacturing Movement, Canada Embraces Transformation

Mark Crawford (Location Canada 2014)

A leader in innovative manufacturing, Canada recognizes and supports its knowledge-based, high-tech industries which, in turn, continue to invest in cutting-edge R&D More

Canada's Business Advantages Attracting Increased Inward Investment

Mark Crawford (Location Canada 2014)

Its well-educated and skilled workforce, superior transportation infrastructure, safe and secure banking system, low tax rates, and enviable quality of life continue to make Canada a top choice for investment. More

Canada’s Clean Little Secret

Sean Dyke, Economic Development Manager , City of St. Thomas, Ontario (Location Canada 2014)

Canada’s clean-technology sector — including water, wind, solar, smart grid technology, and more — offers numerous opportunities and advantages to relocating or expanding companies. More

Canada’s Clean Little Secret

Sean Dyke, Economic Development Manager , City of St. Thomas, Ontario (Location Canada 2014)

Canada’s clean-technology sector — including water, wind, solar, smart grid technology, and more — offers numerous opportunities and advantages to relocating or expanding companies. More

Ontario Aerospace Cluster Evolves ‘Innovation Ecosystem’ Approach

Richard K. Wallace, Editor and Publishing Director, The Next Silicon Valley (Q2 2014)

In today's global, knowledge-intensive tech clusters, places like Ontario are finding that they need to look beyond trade and commerce, beyond just sector and cluster economics in order to sustain business growth and future economic development. More

International Location Report: Canada Presents a Stable Business Climate

Mark Crawford (Directory 2014)

Canada’s wealth of resources and pro-business environment has helped the nation to attract recent big investment projects from around the world. More

Tech Incubators’ Outsized Impact on Innovation and Job Creation

Area Development Research Desk (Q4 / Fall 2013)

The ecosystems created by high-tech incubators popping up all over North America have become true job-creation drivers, attracting attention from CEOs for their distinctively collaborative workplace culture that drives innovation and growth. More

Coming in for a Landing: Ontario’s Aerospace Cluster Comes of Age

Area Development Research Desk (Q4 / Fall 2013)

When manufacturing commercial airline components, a skilled labor force helps leave nothing to chance. Food for thought: the next time your plane lands safely and smoothly, you’re likely supported by landing equipment manufactured in Ontario, Canada, where 40 percent of all commercial airline landing gear is made. More

Canada’s Innovative High-Tech Sectors

Mark Crawford (Location Canada 2013)

Canada’s clean energy, ICT, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing sectors are clustered around seven vibrant metropolitan areas. More

Canada Lays Out Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs

Lisa Buddecke, Kelsar Industries (Location Canada 2013)

With a new plan to fast track visas and provide venture capital support, the Canadian government is hoping to attract individuals with the potential to positively impact Canada’s economy. More

The Bi-Coastal Gateway to North America

Christopher Steele, Global COO and North American President, Investment Consulting Associates (ICA) (Location Canada 2013)

Canada’s national government has developed and is now implementing a series of gateway and corridor strategies in order to become the preferred route into and out of North America. More

Minister's Letter

Ed Fast

On behalf of the Government of Canada, it gives me great pleasure to address readers of the 2014 edition of Location Canada magazine.

With a robust economy and strong business fundamentals, Canada remains one of the best places in the world for international business and foreign direct investment. Indeed, in the aftermath of the worst global recession in a generation, Canada has continued to outperform its G-7 peers in the growth of its economy, employment, and income while achieving the lowest net-debt-to-GDP ratio in the group. Forbes and Bloomberg both rate Canada as the best country in the G-20 with which to do business, and for the past six years, the World Economic Forum has rated our banking system as the world’s soundest. We are also among just a handful of nations in the world with a triple-A credit rating. This provides assurance to business investors about the security of their investments in Canada.

Our government is working to ensure that Canada continues to be a top destination for business investment. Through Economic Action Plan 2014, we are continuing to bolster the competitiveness of the Canadian economy by investing in the manufacturing sector, encouraging innovation, and increasing the training and availability of skilled labor. Further, we are improving Canada’s public infrastructure, deepening our trade and investment relationships in the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world, and improving our country’s fiscal framework by returning to a balanced budget in 2015. Our government continues to create the conditions that attract global investors to communities across Canada.

Clearly, investing in Canada makes excellent business sense. We offer a strong, stable financial system; low taxes; one of the highest standards of living in the G-20; a business-friendly environment; world-class cities; spectacular natural landscapes; and an innovative, well-educated, and multicultural workforce. I believe that Canada offers the very best value proposition when it comes to global investment.

Canada also has trade links to the world. Through the North American Free Trade Agreement, we offer businesses established in Canada preferential access to a North American market of over 470 million consumers. This increases to nearly 980 million consumers once the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement comes into force. And in March 2014, Canada signed a free-trade agreement with Korea, opening an important gateway into Asia.


The Honourable Ed Fast
Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway

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