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Emerging Market's Expansion Will Affect U.S. Location Decisions
The expansion of corporate real estate investments in emerging, less transparent markets will have effects on U.S. site selection.
How will CRE expansion in emerging markets affect site selection in the United States?
Stuart Hicks, President, Strategic Clients and Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Corporate Solutions Board, Jones Lang LaSalle
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As companies re-balance the real estate portfolio to support increasing levels of business activity in emerging markets, the increased presence will require an adoption of new strategies for evaluating and acquiring sites. Some of the more notable changes will be seen in the:

a) extent to which reliable published information is available in advance of making investment decisions and need to navigate this consideration;
b) extent to which risk can be managed in emerging markets as a result of exposure to less transparent business practices, lower levels of contract enforcement, and related less formal dispute resolution processes (more risk commonly assumed by the tenant);
c) need to recalibrate expectations associated with the timing of data compilation and the time required to consummate formal written agreements; and
d) confidence level in representations made by third parties and due diligence required to verify plausibility of representations.

In general, more care and time is typically required to improve the quality of information obtained during the site selection process, and often, the process focuses more on risk mitigation (in aggregate), rather than some of the smaller, less meaningful details that might become differentiators for projects in more transparent countries.
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