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Higher Education and Business: An Alchemy for Growth

In today's challenging economic climate, industry and academia can no longer afford to work independently of each other.

2011 Directory
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What's being called in the media the "Big Blue School" grew from ongoing collaborations between IBM and the educational institutions in its midst. In fact, Doris Gonzalez, who heads the effort for IBM, has an education background. "We're not just in this for us," she said recently. "It's really a national issue. You have all these IT jobs that are going unfilled. You have students not being prepared with the skills they need to get those jobs. It's definitely impacting the overall economy." If it works in New York, Ms. Gonzalez says IBM hopes to offer the program to schools and companies nationwide that might want to replicate its effort.

A Changing Mission
Perhaps because of a sluggish economy or dwindling government support - or both - there is an even greater need for industry and higher education to collaborate. In today's information and innovation-fueled economy, they can no longer operate independently of each other. The assets ensconced behind the ivy are too valuable to leave there.

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