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Ontario, Canada: Eighth-Largest Economy in North America

Ontario generates 37 percent of Canada’s GDP and is the eighth-largest economy in North America.

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Ontario generates 37 percent of Canada’s GDP and is the eighth-largest economy in North America. Ontario has been the North American leader in attracting greenfield capital investment for two consecutive years according to fDi Intelligence — with US$7.1 billion being received in 2014. Savvy business leaders across many industries are attracted to the province for a number of reasons:

Competitive Business Costs
Ontario offers the lowest overall business costs when compared to all G7 countries. In addition, the province has an R&D cost advantage of 18.8 percent relative to the U.S.

Access to the $19 Trillion NAFTA Market and Global Markets
Ontario has a modern, efficient and widely networked transportation system delivering access to the U.S. and locations abroad. This sophisticated infrastructure facilitates C$844 million in daily two-way goods trade between the U.S. and Ontario.

Highly Talented Workforce
Ontario’s 44 colleges and universities consistently produce more graduates in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) than any other region in the G7. Additionally, 65 percent of Ontarians have postsecondary education.

Innovation Lives in Ontario
Ontario has a unique innovation ecosystem that is conducive to building partnerships that drive business success and profitability. The level of collaboration between government, educational institutions, research facilities, and businesses is rarely replicated elsewhere.

A Quality Lifestyle
Everyone desires a safe and welcoming place to live and work. Ontario offers key benefits such as universal healthcare and a world-class educational infrastructure, and our cities consistently rank in the top tier of various safety and desirability indexes.

Investment Made Easy
Ontario understands the tremendous amount of work that goes into site selection and the importance of having a trusted partner in the process. We offer a one-window approach, bringing together a coordinated team of municipal, provincial, federal, and industry representatives with the contacts, expertise, and information required to make an investor’s life a little easier.

In addition, Ontario’s Investment Ready: Certified Site Program provides easy access to key information about properties, including locations and ownership, transportation access, and utilities servicing, thus doing much of the upfront due diligence for you.

Why Ontario?
Ontario’s competitive business costs, prime access to market, skilled workforce, innovation ecosystem, and high quality of life make it one of the world’s most sought after regions for business investment.

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